Social Work

Our goal is to support people to live positive, full lives.

The kind of things we can help with include:

  • Domestic & family violence
  • Family relationships & child safety
  • Parenting skills & Life-skills
  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Being able to say what you need and want, in an appropriate way (assertiveness)
  • Coping with the impacts of financial stress, alcohol & drugs

When you come and see one of our social workers:

  • They will sit down and talk with you to understand your situation.
  • Then they will help you to assess your options and make a plan to improve your situation.
  • They can support you to put that plan into action.
  • They can arrange referrals to other support services, such as counseling, where this will be helpful.

So come in and see us at 4 Mueller Street, or call us on 863 7555 to arrange to talk with a social worker. Most times we be able to see you on the same day, and if not, as soon as possible within the next couple of working days. (There is no charge for this service.)